HHLA TK Estonia participates in a blockchain platform

HHLA would like to use blockchain technology to improve the efficiency of the supply chain. That is why HHLA TK Estonia, HHLA’s Estonian port subsidiary, is participating in the TradeLens platform, which is tailored to the maritime sector. Using this blockchain platform, all authorized users can exchange information and documents from different areas of logistics. The aim of the project is to achieve greater transparency and efficiency in the supply chain.

“TradeLens is one of the first blockchain applications for which we have found a practical application at HHLA,” explains Jan Boverman, who is responsible for digital transformation at HHLA as the Head of Corporate Development. “This new method of exchanging information should lead to us catering better to customer requirements. Data can be exchanged on this platform not just openly, but also in a very secure manner. Confidentiality is ensured through Smart Contacts.”

TradeLens connects the entire supply chain on one platform. Terminal operators such as HHLA benefit from the direct connection with shipping companies and other customers or partners. This leads to information being available in real time and access rights to data being consistently transparent.

Boverman describes his vision as follows: “Blockchain technology allows for global processes in international trading to improve holistically. Progress has ground to a halt until now due to information silos within the company, paper-based or otherwise time-consuming processes and access rights to data that were easy to manipulate.”