We aim to meet all your logistical needs regardless of the type of cargo you need to move. Our facilities allow you to transport, store and load-unload containers and general cargo. We operate in the Muuga free zone, which carries a lot of benefits with more flexible customs procedures. The main parametres of our terminals, and the storage capacity are the following:

Container Terminal

  • Four berths with a total length of 1,096 metres and depth of 12.5–14.5 metres for handling containers and RoRo vessels;
  • Terminal area: 45 ha;
  • Digital gates;
  • Possibility to handle two container block trains simultaneously with up to 150 container platforms;
  • RMG-railway crane with the possibility of direct unloading and loading of up to 30 containers per hour from/to railway platforms;
  • Five STS cranes with a lifting capacity of 40 tons under spreader for handling container vessels.

General Cargo

  • Three berths with a total length of 634 metres and depth of 12.4–12.9 metres;
  • Terminal area: 20.62 ha;
  • Railway tracks with a length of 385 to 980 metres and a track width of 1,520 mm broad gauge for handling wagons.


  • 10 covered warehouses with a total area of 82,500 m2;
  • Located directly or close to the berths;
  • Railway loading under the roof with direct access to a warehouse.

Ro-ro terminal

  • Berths 13, 14, 15;
  • Water depth of the mooring line 12.4 metres;
  • Ramp capacity 40–100 tons;
  • Ramp width up to 30.5 metres;
  • Ability to handle vehicles of 180–252 metres in length;
  • Availability of water supply and electrical connection.