Logistics masterclass: “migrating” two 1400 tonnes cranes from Hamburg to Muuga

Autor: Kaupo Kalda

During 9 days this past summer, anyone sailing on the Baltic witnessed a sight not too common on the sea – a small barge transporting two ship-to-shore (STS) container cranes rising to 73 meters(!) above sea level, both weighing 1400 tonnes! A journey that started in Hamburg took those STS-cranes to their new home – HHLA TK Estonia’s container terminal in Muuga, Estonia.

It was a true logistical and engineering masterclass, requiring the best of skills of around a hundred sailors, engineers, logisticians, technical experts and the like. Each and every one of them performed their tasks excellently. After technical preparations these past months, it is only a matter of days now that the cranes increasing HHLA TK Estonia’s handling capacity by fourfold can start servicing container vessels – the biggest ones that can pass through the Danish straits.