HHLA TK Estonia supports the liquidation of war-caused destruction in Ukraine

In February 2022 Russia started its war of aggression against Ukraine. Much vital infrastructure, a great many hospitals, schools, and houses have been destroyed since then. Having in mind the rebuilding of the country, on the day of the symbolic anniversary of the war HHLA TK Estonia provided a donation to NGO Mondo, which will use these funds to support the volunteers liquidating war-caused destruction in Ukraine.

According to the CEO of HHLA TK Estonia, Riia Sillave, the company decided to donate 9590 euros for Ukraine – one euro for each container handled at Muuga container terminal in February.

β€œThe funds from the donation of HHLA TK Estonia are meant to be used for various activities in the field of logistics, to help volunteers in Ukraine to do their job. For example, the money will be used for transportation of construction materials or volunteer construction workers,” Riia Sillave said.

On February 24, 2023, more than 6,000 HHLA group employees in 11 countries came together in a joint minute of silence, to show on this sad anniversary their moral support to colleagues in Odesa and all the brave people of Ukraine.